Mulan (2020): Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Mulan’s 2020 soundtrack includes two new songs from Christina Aguilera including a new version of Reflection as opposed the original released years and years ago.


  1. Ancestors
  2. Tulou Courtyard
  3. The Desert Garrison
  4. Böri Khan & Xianniang
  5. The Lesson of the Phoenix
  6. Mulan Leaves Home
  7. Four Ounces Can Move a Thousand Pounds
  8. Mulan Rides into Battle
  9. Training the Men
  10. The Witch
  11. “I Believe Hua Mulan”
  12. The Charge
  13. Imperial City
  14. Fight for the Kingdom
  15. Mulan & The Emperor
  16. Return to the Village
  17. The Fourth Virtue
  18. Loyal Brave True (Christina Aguilera)
  19. Reflection (2020) (Christina Aguilera)
  20. Reflection (Mandarin) (Yifei Liu)

DOWNLOAD MP3: Mulan 2020: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Zip File)

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