Graceboy Micl ft. Magnito – One Way (Remix)

Ontario based afrobeats superstar, Graceboy Micl, is quickly capturing the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Known for his unique sound and captivating performances, Graceboy Micl is on the path to greatness. His latest track, “One Way Remix,” featuring the legendary Magnito, is a testament to his growing influence and undeniable talent.

This highly anticipated remix brings together Graceboy Micl’s fresh, energetic style with Magnito’s seasoned expertise, creating a track that’s both electrifying and soulful. “One Way Remix” is a celebration of Afrobeat’s rich rhythms and vibrant culture, showcasing the dynamic synergy between a rising star and a heavyweight artist.

Since its release, “One Way Remix” has been making waves across the music scene, drawing attention from fans and critics alike. Graceboy Micl’s collaboration with Magnito is a significant milestone, marking his ascent in the Afrobeat world and hinting at a promising future filled with more hits and groundbreaking projects.

As Graceboy Micl continues to rise, be sure to follow his journey and experience the magic of “One Way Remix.” This is just the beginning for an artist who’s set to redefine Afrobeat for a new generation.

Connect with Graceboy Micl on [@graceboymicl] and stream “One Way Remix” now!

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