Nigeria Singer, Capture Says On Creativity

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Ibrahim Bamidele Pedro is a Nigerian rapper, singer, and song writer. A professional figure in contemporary popular music, Capture has been credited for his breath taking singing and rapping performances so many times

Profile summary :

Ibrahim Bamidele Pedro ( born October 24, 1997) is a Nigeria born rapper, singer, and actor. An talented figure in contemporary popular music,

Citizenship: Nigeria

Other names: : Capo, Big Oracle

Years active: 2013-present

Genres: Trap, Afro-trap, afro-dancehall and Afrosing

Capture Height: 5”5
Age: 26
Girlfriend: Undisclosed
Family: Mr and Mrs Pedro
Biography & More:
Hair Colour: Black
Personal Life: business man
Date of Birth:July 8, 1997 ;
Age (as of 2022), 26 Years.
Height: 5’5ft

Relationship: undisclosed

Age (as of 2022): 26 Years

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington

The hardworking and talented rapper Capture is one of the most futuristic performers of our generation. His energy and passion toward music recording and performances has been growing his a considerable fanbase.

What do we know about this prominent musician?
Capture is one of the most promised hitmakers of our time, and his performances are always unforgettable. Plenty of his recorded songs is on its way to the global streaming platforms


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